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Sync IT Learning’s CSM workshop, you learn Scrum by doing Scrum. CSM Certification Workshop with Sync IT Learning familiarizes you with Scrum practices and principles. More importantly, you will build skills needed to help a group of people progress from “forming and storming” towards the goal of becoming a high-performing, continuously improving, self-organizing scrum team. CSM Training qualifies you to further get Scrum Master Certification from the Scrum Alliance and participants earn 14 Professional Development Units from the Project Management Institute. Don’t sit through 14 hours of PowerPoint… Not all Certified Scrum Master courses are created equal. With Sync IT Learning CSM certification workshop, you will participate in project simulations and game-based learning exercises, so you can learn by doing!

Our Deliverable:

1. Our instructional style is highly interactive! (Games & simulations)

2. Your Participation in physical exercise – optional.

In fact the role of “observer” is quite valuable! Feel free to participate at your ability and comfort levels. “The two day course is an incredible learning experience that you’ll never forget”

Topics filled with fun & learning:

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities
Sprint Planning, Execution, Review, and Retrospectives
Agile Requirements Analysis
Estimating and Prioritizing Product Backlogs
Technical Debt and Other Pitfalls
Small Group Dynamics
Scrum in Large Organizations
Organizational Impediments
Scrum Master Certification


Date Day Time Click to Register Instructor Price
May 08th & 09th, 2024
(2 Days)
Wednesday & Thursday 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Pacific Time
Register Now Mishkin Berteig $1345
June 05th & 06th, 2024
(2 Days)
Wednesday & Thursday 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Pacific Time
Register Now Mishkin Berteig $1345
June 24th & 25th, 2024
(2 Days)
Monday & Tuesday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Pacific Time
Register Now Brad Swanson $595

Training Mode: Online

Contact: 510-779-9040

100% Success Rate

Early Bird Discounted Price

Refer & Earn Opportunity

Earn 14 PDUs

Exam Fee Included

Study Material on Us

Games & Exercises

Online Training

If I paid for the CSM workshop, can I take the class in another month or repeat the course again in another month?2020-10-27T06:20:06+00:00

No, you cannot retake/repeat the class on the same enrollment fee again.

Yes, your class can be transferred to a different month once enrolled.

Is the CSM workshop fee refundable?2020-10-27T06:20:01+00:00

No, the fee is non-refundable. Once paid, the CSM fee will not be refunded, if for any reason you cannot take the training.

What are the prerequisites for taking this training?2020-10-27T06:19:56+00:00

No prerequisites required.

How soon can I take the exam?2020-10-27T06:19:51+00:00

Once you finish the CSM workshop, your Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) will send your information in order to register you with the Scrum Alliance (the non-profit organization that issues the certification). Once the registration is complete (generally within 5-7 business days), you will receive a link via email where you can take the CSM test online, within 60 days of completion of workshop. The test can be taken at the place and time of your choice and convenience. It’s an open book and open internet exam. After you pass the CSM test, you will be asked to accept the License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Is there any discount for Military & Veterans people?2020-10-27T06:19:45+00:00

Yes, you can avail 25% off the regular price. Please contact 510-779-9040 or write at info@syncitlearning.com to sign up.

Does the training include the scrum exam fee and membership fee with Scrum Alliance?2020-10-27T06:19:39+00:00

Sync IT Learning pays the initial membership fee for each student who successfully completes a Certified Scrum Master course. This membership fee covers the cost of the CSM test and the first two years of membership with Scrum Alliance.

What is the benefit of taking this training and getting Scrum Master Certification, why should I enroll in this training?2020-10-27T06:19:35+00:00

As a CSM, you will be able to fill the role of a Scrum Master or Scrum team member. Through the certification process, you will gain an understanding of the Scrum framework, including team roles, activities, and artifacts. Whereas, these skills turn to be necessary in the real-time business world. Then attend a two-day CSM course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer. After completing the course, you will need to pass the CSM test. To get a passing score, you must correctly answer 24 of the 35 questions.

I’m PMP certified, will I earn precious PDUs?2020-10-27T06:19:29+00:00

After completing the CSM Workshop with Sync IT Learning, you earn 14 Professional Development Units that can be used to maintain your Project Management Professional credential from the Project Management Institute.

Is there something I should read before the workshop?2020-10-27T06:19:20+00:00

When you take any Scrum Certification class with Sync IT Learning, you will receive the course material from us. So, no need to bring anything besides your energetic self.

How do I pay for the training?2020-10-27T06:19:15+00:00

You can pay for the training on our website after choosing your date and training https://syncitlearning.com/csm-training or if you prefer to pay by phone or personal check, please contact us at +1 510-779-9040.

What’s your first step to become a CSM?2020-10-27T06:19:09+00:00

Contact us at info@syncitlearning.com or 510-779-9040, if you have any questions or queries about the upcoming class.

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