Data collected about individuals through the Sync IT Learning site might be used by utilized internally by the employees of the organization. It is also used for marketing purposes.

Collecting, Storing and Transferring of Data

Sync IT Learning gathers individual information and data is segregated at the back end for official purposes. This is done from all the areas where Sync IT Learning has its offices both local and international. To facilitate our operations around the globe Sync IT Learning may digitally move its data to some branch which is located in a foreign country.

This rule applies to us and is clearly specified in our privacy. We guarantee that the data about individuals which is collected by us is used by only our organization. Sync IT Learning is not involved in the selling of its internal data to third parties, merchants or vendors. But any information about individuals that may be revealed by advertisements or promotions done by Sync IT Learning is beyond the scope of the company. Our employees in different countries have been given the authority to access, send and receive the information from any of our branches. These employees involved in the sending or receiving of information about individuals could belong to various departments of the organization like sales, operations, accounts, administration.

Our collecting or keeping records of individuals are constantly being administered at the back end by the operations department. By choosing us as the preferred medium for getting your service we also consider that you agree to our privacy policy. The top-most priority for Sync IT Learning is to protect the data which contains information about individuals and prevent it from being stolen by hackers. For this Sync IT Learning employs the best security protocols and modern security systems for protecting the information about individuals. It also protects individuals from stalking, abuse, bullying and blackmail.

Notices and User Content

It may so happen that some data collected from one of the sources is wrong or not updated about an individual. In such cases, Sync IT Learning bears no responsibility for updating the data. It also bears no responsibility for the harm caused to the client.

Access to Your Personal Data

Only upon receiving any call, SMS, e-mail or physical letter sent to us by individuals will the company reveal the data collected and stored by us. It is not the duty of the company to inform the individuals before collecting or storing the data in our records. No such permission would also be taken from the customer.

Changing the Privacy Policy

Sync IT Learning may change its privacy policy as and when it feels or the necessity arises. Any such change in the privacy policy of Sync IT Learning would be informed to our clients only through our site. It might be noted that the clients will not be informed individually through any call, SMS or e-mail. It is the duty of our clients to visit and keep a look for changes that might be occurring in our privacy policy from time to time. Such change is incorporated in our official site for any change at least 20 days before the actual change is done.