Upcoming Classes

Following is the list of our upcoming classes which present you an impressive array of professional courses.

Get yourself enrolled today and give the right direction to your career!

An orientation session by Alok Bhatia every Wednesday at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Alok Bhatia, founder, and instructor of Sync IT Learning conducts a session on Wednesdays
at 6:30 pm Pacific Time.

If you have not taken any certification training but you are thinking to take it or if you just have time on your hands and if you are getting marketed, attending this session will only benefit you.

Spend about an hour of your time to be a part of this session. You have nothing to lose
and everything to gain!

We request you to please attend this very informative and engaging session.

For more details, please call at 510-779-9040 or write to us at info@syncitlearning.com

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