No training can fully make you a Business Analyst. Think of this training as an ignition to your business analysis career. No, after this training alone, you may not get a BA job. You may have to do other certifications like Scrum Master, Product Owner, Scaled Agile, PMP, etc. Also, most likely you will have to join a training and placement company, to take you under their wings and help you with the resume, counseling, mock interviews, and such. If your thought is that after these 10 days of training, you’ll be able to take up a BA job, most probably you will be disappointed. Once again, this is a course that is a great starter course for being a Business Analyst and a few hiring managers may give you a chance to be a business analyst. But if you’re competing in the open market for a BA job, most probably this training alone will not be enough to get you a job. You must supplement this training, by joining placement companies who will give more training on top of this very strong foundational training.