Generally, Business Analysts become Software Project Managers after a few years on the job. You could take PMP certification (Project Management Professional) and then become a Program Manager. It is the fastest way into management and into six figures job within 2-3 years of taking Sync IT Learning training. A lot of concepts covered in Sync IT Learning’s BA class actually prepare you to be a Project Manager for software development groups where you manage the work of software engineers, Database administrators, Quality Assurance Engineers etc. Remember, the job of a Project Manager or a Business Analyst is not to do the work but to get the job done. If you want to move into other fields like management consulting, strategic consulting, Business Process Reengineering, etc. all these are very easy options to move into. After being a PM, you can also become an Account Manager for companies like HCL, Wipro, Infosys. Titles you can hope to have say in 5 years:

1) Product Manager
2) Senior Product Manager
3) Director of Project Management Office
4) QA Manager
5) Senior Business Analyst
6) Program Manager
7) Senior Project Manager
8) Sales Account Executive