1) Basic Business Analyst and Project management principles review a. Triple Constraint
c. Software project Roles and responsibilities d. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
2) Fundamentals of Information Technology
a. SDLC Models (Waterfall model, Prototyping model, RUP cycles,
3) Concept Phase deliverables
a. Project Charter
4) Requirements Phase deliverables
a. Gathering Business Requirements – Business group
b. Gathering Functional Requirements – Business Analyst/Project
Manager/Systems Analyst/Implementation Specialist
c. UML: Unified Modeling Language Diagrams – MS Visio
d. Requirements Traceability Matrix
e. Real World examples of Requirements.
5) Design Phase deliverables
a. Gathering Technical Requirements – Design documents
b. N-Tier architecture – MS Visio
6) Project Planning (Project Management)
a. Estimating a software project
b. WBS (Work Breakdown structure)
c. Estimating Task Duration
d. Determining Task Dependencies
e. Network Diagram
f. Different type of task dependencies (Start to Start, Finish to Finish,
Start to Finish)
g. Identifying Milestones
h. Critical Path
i. Project Schedule
j. Using Microsoft Project to create a real-life project schedule
7) Risk Management – Identification, Analysis, Response, Monitoring and
8) Business Analysis principles:
a. Scope change management
9) Development Phase activities
a. SQL Principles using Oracle i. TOAD
b. Intro to XML, Schemas, DTDs. – Use of XML Spy
10) Other topics:
a. Build Vs. Buy – Different Contract Types
b. Software Development Standards – Briefly touch upon ISO, PMI,
11) Quality Assurance
a. Types of Software testing
b. Test plans, test cases, test calendar
c. Real World Examples of QA documents
d. Bugzilla (Bug Management Tool)
e. Peer Reviews
12) Agile
13) Real world BAs: What they do.
a. How to make a conference call
b. How to set up a meeting using Outlook