Many of you might be aspiring to become a project leader or manager in a reputed organization or MNC. To take up this responsibility, you will need to enroll in a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification training or course as it is widely accepted across different domains and industries. Project managers who have earned the PMP certification are respected for their broad understanding of the project management concepts and they are also considered to be capable of handling different challenges and roles. Therefore, to sharpen skills based on theoretical expertise and practical knowledge, you will have to apply for the PMP certification and a better idea would be to embark on your journey with a PMP certification training.

What does training mean?

pmp certification

PMP certification training is a 4 days weekend classroom & online training program that will develop your understanding of the PMP certification. During the program, you will be able to grasp the key concepts that are a must for clearing the PMP exam.

It will start your journey towards becoming a Professional Project Management from registration to mock tests that will train you for the exam itself. In just 4 days, you will be able to gain all the information and knowledge that are necessary to clear the exam in the first attempt.

It is better to enroll in the training rather than studying on your own because self-study might go in the wrong direction. Also, you will miss the guidance of experienced tutor who will train you adequately and help you to earn the 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) that are mandatory to obtain the PMP certificate.

 Why is enrolling in certification training necessary?

Enrolling in training is necessary because of the following reasons:

Understanding the details of certification

As an aspiring project leader or manager, you will get to learn everything that is required to crack the PMP Exam. If your schedule is tight, participating in training becomes extremely crucial as you can understand the certification details, gain knowledge, and give mock tests all within 4 days!

Experienced tutors

We are offering PMP training under the able guidance of PMP trainers who are experienced and have immense knowledge to show you the right path to success. Most of them have been project leaders or managers themselves and have decades of experience in handling various projects and responsibilities. Therefore, they will gauge your strong and weak areas quickly to work on your skills and knowledge.

Meet aspiring project leaders & gain from their experience

While attending the training, you will come across various aspiring project leaders like yourself who will share their experiences with you. By befriending them you will be able to create your network of professionals and this will surely help you in the long run.

Getting acquainted with the certification through the simulator and mock tests

PMP certification training will make you familiar with the PMP exam as you will be going through several simulator and mock tests. This will build your confidence and you will be able to score high marks in the actual examination.

Benefits of attending a training with Sync IT Learning?

The benefits of attending a PMP certification training with ‘Sync IT Learning’ are listed below:

Online &Classroom

We have both the options of attending training (classroom & online), you can come to the classroom or if you don’t want to step outside your home then you can also attend the same online. Entire training is conducted live in a classroom & online too.

Customized Training

Our highly experienced PMP instructors impart a customized training program to make you exam-ready within 4 days!

Study materials

All the study materials like the latest study guides, question papers, etc., and all the things that you will need before, during, and after the exam will be provided in the PMP training.

Mock tests

Our mock tests will prepare you mentally for the exam and they also give you an idea about the kind of questions that are going to be asked in the real exam.

PMBOK concepts

You will be well-versed in all the key concepts present in the PMBOK guide after attending this certification training.

Skill improvement

You will notice a remarkable improvement in your communication and coordination skills due to the able guidance and feedback provided by our instructors.

Exam tips

Those attending the PMP certification training will also get some useful tips and ideas that will help you to crack the exam on the first attempt!

Takeaway after the training

Apart from the vast knowledge about project management skills, career path, and options, you will receive the below study materials on attending the PMP training with Sync IT Learning:

Customized Workbook

A customized guide or workbook that is specially created by our expert instructors will help you go through all the project management concepts in a detailed way.

PMBOK (Latest Version)

The latest version of PMBOK that covers all the important concepts will be provided after course completion.

Recorded sessions

All the classroom sessions will be recorded in video format and you will be receiving one copy of it after every class of the training. You may use it for learning and reference purposes afterward.

PMP Application Support

If you face any difficulties while applying for the PMP Exam such as issues that arise in getting documents related to project experience, don’t worry as we provide a dedicated ‘PMP Application Support’ helpdesk that will solve all your problems and queries related to PMP Exam application.

Free Retake of Classes

We will help you clear the PMP certification exam in the first attempt by providing comprehensive and practical training. However, don’t worry if you do not clear the PMP Exam in the first attempt as you can enroll in our next PMP Prep training free of cost. Apart from that if you unfortunately fails the exam in first attempt, we refund you the full (100%) training fee.

Certificate of Course Completion

A course completion certificate validating 40 contact hours along with 35 PDUs will be provided after completion of the training program.

As one of the leading ATP (Authorized Training Provider) of PMI, we present both offline and online PMP certifications to aspiring project leaders and managers. Our training program comprises multiple training sessions, simulator tests, and training on how to apply the concepts to real-life problems. Thousands of students who completed our 4-days training program earlier have become successful project leaders and managers in their respective fields. To check our PMP certification training schedule, you are requested to visit our website ( at the earliest. Best of luck with your future endeavors and hope to see you soon!