Among different lucrative IT jobs, the job of a business analyst is the most unique because the job roles and duties change according to the job type and industry. There is a huge scope for business analysts in the USA because there are several multinational companies here that require multiple business analysts to handle their different projects. Also, the possibility of landing a job offering great package increases if you obtain a valid BA certification such as PMI-PBA or CBAP.

How to commence a career in Business Analysis?

If someone wishes to start a career in business analysis, then he must have a strong background in business studies and must have sufficient IT skills to back it up. Creating documents, analyzing business requirements, collaborating with stakeholders, etc. are the primary duties of a business analyst. Therefore, you must have the necessary qualification and skills to perform these duties.

Moreover, you need to start directly as a business analyst. You can start from start with entry-level opportunities such as quality expert, domain specialist, developer, etc. depending on the industry in which you are serving. After gaining relevant experience in business analysis you can become an SME (Subject Matter Expertise). Here, you can develop the skills that appeal to you to progress towards higher levels in the management.

Most of the BA’s try to complete certifications while working in the field of business analysis. It is a good option because most of the certifications require extensive experience of business analysis which will enable you to start your career on the right path.

Moreover, you will have to flexible enough to learn more skills as you gain more experience because it is impossible to become a business analyst without having a fair idea of both processes and technology.

After gaining sufficient experience in the field you will be assigned bigger job roles and responsibilities such as product manager, IT business analyst, lead business analyst, etc. However, experience alone is not enough to move up the corporate ladder. You would require professional training and certifications that recognize you as a professional business analyst.

Many PMIs are offering BA certifications in India as well. Most of these certifications are globally accepted and recognized by peers. Therefore, you could complete this course in India and apply for a job in the USA after gaining sufficient experience and exposure in business analysis.

Many business analysts start a career as a business consultant or CTO i.e. Chief Technology Officer after gaining 8 to 10 years of experience in the field of business analysis. However, you can continue being a business analyst as long as you desire or until your organization decides to offer you a higher position in the management.

Also, some people prefer to handle the role of a project manager and business analyst together. However, it is practical only when the size of the organization is small and the number of projects is limited. We also observe that the roles of BA and PM overlap each other in numerous instances. These jobs are fairly equivalent but these are completely distinct job roles.

A project manager must interact with the team members and deliver the project on time whereas a business analyst has to identify the needs of the business, the scope of the project, and also performs key functions such as user-testing, presentation of new projects, etc. With sufficient exposure and experience, one can even switch among these roles if the organization considers it to be in the best interest of their business.

Why are the training and certification necessary?

These are the reasons that make BA training and certification the most necessary thing to build a successful career in the USA:

Communication skills need to perfect while working in a country like the USA because English is the official language there. Your communication skills can be developed only if you receive proper support, training, and guidance from expert tutors. Such tutors that work on your analytical skills and communication can only found in the reputed project management institutes.

Communication is important because a business analyst has to interact with stakeholders at various levels in an organization. Creating a presentation, documenting requirements, giving a presentation in front of a thousand people are the regular duties of a BA. These qualities and skills can be nurtured only in a compelling business environment that you would find in a recognized PMI.

BA training makes you aware of the latest technologies and trends in the market. A business analyst needs to understand the current trends and technologies of the market to make necessary changes in their processes and planning.

Professional training provided by project management institutes focuses on the key concepts and knowledge areas related to business analysis. They provide you enough study materials and training to impart the knowledge of business analysis tools and techniques.

Moreover, you grasp the six key knowledge areas of business analysis by studying the BABOK (Business Analysis Book of Knowledge) thoroughly.

A professional course will make you understand all the basic and advanced level job roles and responsibilities that are assigned to a business analyst. The experience will improve your skills but it might not widen your perspective on various issues and cases that you will have to face while delivering your services as a business analyst.

A tutor who has worked as a business analyst in several industries before will explain the concepts by giving examples of several case studies. This will not only prepare you for the BA certification exams but it will also broaden your perspective.

A reputed project management institute will provide an experiential learning experience that will enhance your problem-solving skills.


Therefore, we have understood the importance of BA training and certification. Business analysts draw handsome salaries but you will have to acquire a large array of skills to be successful in the field of business analysis. Professional BA training and certifications will prepare you for the challenges posed by this job and this will pave your way towards a bright career in business analysis.