You might have never heard of a child who has dreams of becoming a Business Analyst i.e. BA in the future. However, many of them dream of becoming a businessman/businesswoman, or a CEO of a multinational company one day.

Becoming a successful business tycoon or reaching the top management levels does require a lot of effort and credentials and one of them is the ability to analyze the various aspects of a business. A Business Analyst does exactly that and therefore, getting the certificate of a Business Analyst by a reputed institution is surely a logical step for aspiring CEOs and entrepreneurs.

There can be several other reasons to become a Business Analyst and we have listed some of them below:

Roles in multiple departments

A Business Analyst has to research and find solutions to different problems in an organization. Some of these problems might be technical whereas some of them might be related to marketing, finance, and other departments.

Moreover, they have to be experts in a particular domain or system. Therefore, as a Business Analyst, you will get the opportunity to learn new things and to fulfill various roles in multiple departments. This will eventually have a positive impact on your resume and payment package as well.

Opportunity for everyone

Anyone who has a minimum bachelor’s degree and experience in a particular sector can become a Business Analyst. For example, you can take up a Business Analyst course irrespective of whether you are an engineer, programmer, or computer science graduate.

Also, you can even think of becoming a BA after serving as a programmer or engineer in a company for a few years especially if you want to improve your analytical skills or wish to become a subject matter expert.

New things to learn

As we have discussed previously, a BA fulfills multiple roles and responsibilities in an organization. He gets to learn new things, concepts, and gets exposed to new systems, processes, and technologies regularly.

Therefore, there is hardly any day when a BA gets bored as there is no monotony and tiring repetition of work and duties.

Growing Demand

As compared to other designations/posts, the designation of BA is much newer and companies have just started to understand the difference that a business analyst can bring in an enterprise.

Therefore, the demand for professional Business Analysts is growing at a face pace. Moreover, this demand is going to sustain at least a decade more. As a result, this is the perfect time to add the credentials of a BA in your profile.

Attractive package & incentives

In India, a BA receives an annual compensation from 6 to 7 lakhs on an average. Also, experienced and competitive BAs easily earn up to Rs. 15 lakhs or even more in a year.

Moreover, the company provides lucrative incentives and perks to the BAs as they realize the hard work and effort they put in to streamline processes to make them more productive.

Moreover, if we consider the growing demand as discussed above, the salary and incentives will continue to shoot in the upward direction in the coming years. Therefore, it is one of the few job roles that provide both work satisfaction and attractive compensation to the interested candidates.

Improving skills & utilizing experience

In this era of machines and computers, skills matter the most. Apart from the necessary skills, previous work experience also matters.

A Business Analyst gets to adopt new technologies and learns new things as every project is unique and requires different skill sets to be learned and explored. The various job roles and responsibilities allow them to apply their practical knowledge and put real-life experience to use.

Moreover, a BA needs to have sufficient knowledge of all the systems, technologies and processes that an organization runs. As a result, he gets to choose different paths to progress and grow skills during his career

Apart from that, he needs to coordinate with various teams and departments simultaneously to achieve the desired results or changes in a company. This has a positive influence on his interpersonal skills as he needs to put his communication skills by analyzing the behavior and responses of different individuals and teams.

By collaborating with various teams, clients, and vendors, a BA can grow as a professional while enhancing the performance of different teams and an organization as a whole.

Flexibility & Freedom

Since a BA has to coordinate with various teams, management, and even with the clients and vendors at times, he does not need to work under one team or individual.

Also, the organization has to trust him sufficiently to get the work done consistently. This gives him both freedom and flexibility while rendering his duties to attain the goals of the organization.

These are the few perks of being a Business Analyst. However, there are many more advantages of working as a BA which you will only realize after gaining sufficient knowledge and exposure in your specific field. Therefore, don’t think twice if you feel that it suits your interests and future career planning!