Many-a-times we see that certain individuals are appointed as project managers even if they don’t have the relevant certification for the same. In such cases, the individuals either have a prolonged experience of working on a particular project or have the necessary knowledge to perform the duties of a Project Manager professionally.

However, people still go for PMP i.e. Project Management Professional certification because it authenticates a person’s experience in handling projects and also confirms that the person is educated for acquiring the post. Therefore, PMP certifications are pursued by individuals irrespective of the industry they are working in.

Now, let us understand the numerous differences between certified and non-certified project managers. These differences emphasize the importance of acquiring a PMP certificate.

Chances of getting hired

The chances of getting hired as a project manager are feeble if you have not completed a valid PMP certification course. This is because even if you have the relevant experience for the post, your company might not be willing to offer the post of a project manager because of their recruitment policies or due to the risk involved in hiring a person who is not professionally trained for this particular job.

Leadership skills

A PMP certification imbibes leadership qualities in project managers because they usually have to lead a huge team. Many people have innate leadership qualities in them but these qualities need to be sharpened to make a person capable of handling crucial tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, a person without a valid PMP certification might not prove to be a perfect project manager.

Problem-solving ability

In PMP certification, a person’s problem-solving skills get amplified as he gets to go through and work on several case studies. Experiential training enhances his ability to understand, analyze, and act on situations quickly. Without these qualities, it is very hard to become a successful project manager and therefore people prefer to complete PMP certifications.

Hike in salary

If you are offered the post of the project manager in your company then you will naturally expect a good hike in your salary. However, you will get a good hike only if you have the necessary qualifications to be a project manager. Otherwise, you may be appointed as a project manager but you will have to be satisfied with a meager increment in your package.

Communication skills

A project manager has to communicate at various levels of management and operations to carry out the necessary tasks effectively. For that, it is important to hone your communication skills that include persuasive skills, skills to explain your ideas, opinions, and suggestions clearly, and skills to act as a mediator between upper management and employees.

These things are properly explained and communication skills are imbibed only in a professional environment. Therefore, professional certification is a must for a person who wishes to be an efficient project manager.

Thinking from different perspectives

A project manager has to think from different perspectives. For example, he has to think from the perspective of a company owner to implement certain strict decisions or policies. Also, he will even have to think from the perspective of an employee at times to understand their issues and shortcomings. These things can be learned with experience but acquiring a broader perspective of each situation requires professional training and this type of training will only be given in a reputed PMP institute.

Risky position

The job roles of a project manager come with their own sets of risks and responsibilities. For example, a project manager is responsible to deliver a project on time. A business can earn revenue only when the projects get completed on time and that too in a regular manner. Therefore, the position of a project manager is risky in terms of revenue and effective resource management.

A project manager can build his career in this field only when he has got professional training in solving risks and issues that turn out to be hurdles while completing a project. As a result, applying for the post of a project manager is futile if you aren’t aware of the expertise required to glorify this position.

Experience matters

A PMP certification is necessary as it improves your chances of getting hired. However, it is not the only thing that matters. Most of the project managers start their careers as mere professionals or as assistants of the project managers. Over the years, they acquire the knowledge and skills which are required to be eligible for the post of a project manager.

Therefore, experience also counts and therefore you cannot expect to start your career as a project manager if you lack experience or expertise in a particular field. For example, a project manager of an IT company will not get hired in a manufacturing company because he simply lacks the relevant experience.