Being a scrum master means you are having an alluring career opportunity before you. In terms of progress, you will be able to get in touch with the top scrum teams, top scrum leaders, get through the processes run in real time in the institutes and many more. And in terms of your career, you will get a wide opening to the production house, production layout management and of course a bright and healthy package for yourself with scope to expand it. However, there are some of the things that you will be checking out here for your progress in the field and the main question that comes to your mind is – how to become a CSM?

What is CSM?

Before you go to the certification course, the first thing that is needed to be understood is what exactly is Scrum or the CSM? Unless you are clear at this area, you will not be finding the right path to get through the certification course.

Many have the idea that CSM is going to give you exposure to the product manager or product leader. Actually, that is not the case, by any means. CSM is going to give you the exposure as a Servant Leader. In other words, you are not going to allow the production system of the company to experience a breakdown by any means. It is going to give you the training and exposure to be working as the leader who will be working with the full team and will be giving the exposure to be working for the stability of the production system.

Why companies need a CSM?

CSM is the need of the many companies, who work in the scrum model. However, there are many companies who won’t work that model and still goes for the CSM certifiers. The major fact that lies underneath is the synchronization of the production system and the major activity of them is to check out that the productions system is never on the wrong pace. To do the task, the need is to get the right help in terms of the teamwork and also in terms of the agile movement. These are the two major things that you need in getting the CSM certification too.

The procedure for getting the CSM certification

There are altogether 3 steps to get the certification of CSM, which includes giving the exam and passing that too. Here are the three steps that you will have to go through and to be very much factual, the total time that it needs is 16 hours only. However, the time that is allotted is not fixed and you can take more time for passing the test and getting the certificate.

Step1: Passing the Pre-requisite

This is the step where you will be going through the different videos and also the different sessions sets and get the detailed idea about scrum process, agile working style, scrum team, and their operation and even the models that are attached with it. All the principles that are attached with it are to be checked out here and that is going to be used in the practical scrum sessions. This session is not allocated with any time frame as the study has to be made by you. However, there is one thing that is needed at the starting – you will have to go through a quiz session and that session will be delivering you the permission to go through the scrum team and training. Basically, this is the test that will take the test whether you are fit to be a part of the scrum team or not.

Step2: Go for the 1-1 training

This is the second part of the training, and it starts only when you have completed going through the lessons and the video sessions. Ideally, this session will take not more than 2 days. This is the time when your complete scrum concept will be developed with care and intensity, nurturing with the different scrum analysis, principle, agile team networks, scrum team operation, and even scrum team handling methodology. After you go through this process, you are all set for the exam, as you are cleared out with all your confusions. This is the major part of the training, although step 1 is sensed to be like that the fact is that in step 1, you will be going through the study materials and in step 2, you will be going through the areas, where you have confusion in step 1.

Step3: Pass the test and get the certificate

This is the final level, where you will have to get through the actual test. The test is to be given online and admit of the same will be issued after you go through the previous session where you will be meeting a scrum master to train you 1/1. The test usually has 35 objective questions, which are all based on some cases and you need to get through the answers and make a score of at least 24 for getting the certificate. You will soon get the certificate after passing this exam and getting a score above 24. What score you have scored will be declared instantly after your exam.

Get through the course now

So, you have now the complete idea about what you have and what you will get and what you will have to prove in the Scrum Master Certification course. Hence, it is the time when you will be going to follow the same and leap into the most advanced step of your career. Scrum training is hardcore practical as the job, you will be doing is also like that. The only thing that you will have to do here is to understand what the scrum ideology and principle is and the thing that you will have to prove is whether you are fit to be working with such teams and take the company to a new height. If you feel, that you are compatible for the same, start your course and go-ahead for the most leading part of your career.

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