The job of a business analyst seems to be lucrative especially because it sounds right. Business analysts are usually hired by companies that are large to medium in size. Therefore, you already know that the salary package is going to be lucrative if someone gets hired for this post. However, if someone wants to be a business analyst then he/she must know about the roles and responsibilities that a business analyst has to take care of. Now, let us look at the key job responsibilities that a business analyst has to handle:


Strategic planning is required to carry out various processes and operations in a company. A business analyst has to actively participate in the strategic planning process by understanding the various requirements and needs of the business. They need to have an idea about the modern practices and innovative technologies that a company can use to make their processes smooth and efficient.


Business analysts have to identify and evaluate the processes and policies that a company has to undertake to achieve certain tasks and targets. They must have a clear understanding of the current processes and their effectiveness to evaluate their actual worth. It also helps them to analyze the gaps in the processes so that they can find solutions to fill these gaps.

Defining & designing process

A business analyst has to frequently work on current and new business process models to generate the desired outcomes for their organization. They need to work with several stakeholders to communicate the vision and goals of their company at various levels. Also, they might have to participate in team-building and process co-ordination in numerous instances.

Presentation skills

Business analysts may have to create and deliver presentations on new projects, the status of projects, business needs, etc. from time to time. Therefore, they have to learn how to make a powerful and impressive presentation that would motivate the employees and management to work and co-ordinate in a better way.

They also need to acquire top-notch communication skills because that is vital while presenting your thoughts and ideas before an audience. For that, they need to get rid of their public speaking fear first after which they can understand the basics that are required to become an eloquent speaker.


A business analyst not only has to participate in the product creation and planning but he/she must also ensure that the product is running smoothly and according to the business requirements. For that, a business analyst has to work for creating user-testing frameworks by utilizing different testing approaches. By doing so, he/she will ensure that the product will generate the desired results and will be widely accepted by the users.

Solving issues & Making decisions

Business analysts have to brainstorm on various issues and problems to come up with effective solutions. Firstly, they need to find the root cause behind the issue or problem after which they can design powerful solutions to tackle them. They also need to grasp multiple formalized techniques and understand the decision matrix to come up with prompt and defendable decisions.