Things you must know about PMP Certification

Project management is considered to be a lucrative career option these days as most of the multinational companies are appointing project managers to lead various pre-planned and on-going projects. Also, there are many clients who demand a team of PMPs (Project Management Professionals) to manage their different processes.

So who are PMPs and what are their credentials?

PMPs are professionals who have the PMP certification of a reputed PMI (Project Management Institute). Some companies might hire or give promotions to an employee as a Project Manager but for that, the employee must have substantial experience in this field.

Having a PMP certification not only approves the technical capabilities of an individual but also imbibes trust in the employer and allows them to promote him/her to a higher position.

The professional courses offered by a PMI also includes other courses related to business management and analysis. PMP certification enables you to lead projects and enhance the operational pro-efficiency of a team by implementing various methods and practices.

A company like Sync IT Learning specializes in providing PMP training and certification that approve your credential as a PMP. Here, you not only get an idea of the fundamentals of project management but also receive hands-on training on key areas.

What are the criteria that make a candidate eligible for a PMP certification?

Before applying for the PMP certification one must have:

  • A graduation degree and minimum experience of 4500 hours as a project leader or manager
  • A higher secondary degree and minimum experience of 7500 hours as a project manager or leader
  • A minimum of 35 hours of formal education in Project Management
  • You must be honest while specifying your experience in the application as PMIs tend to conduct a random audit of applications to verify the documents and experience of a candidate.

Sync IT learning provides PMP training for fulfilling the 35-hour training criteria mentioned above. In this training, the candidates are exposed to various practices that can be implemented at various levels during a project and they also get a fair idea of the PMP exams.

Cost of PMP certification:

The price of PMP certification is a bit on the higher side since it guarantees high-paying jobs to those individuals who are already active in this field. However, some PMIs offer discounts to members who have already registered for some other course in their institute. The difference is not substantial but still counts for those who are not financially strong. The PMI membership costs around $139 (USD) whereas the training cost is $405 and $555 for PMI and non-PMI members respectively. To reappear for an exam you will have to pay an additional $275 as exam fees.

The basic format of PMP exams:

PMP exams are basically MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) that revolve around different project management phases. It confirms your skill sets, analyzing capabilities and thought-process in a given situation.

The time period to complete the question paper of 200 questions is 4 hours. Out of the 200 questions, 175 are in MCQ format whereas the remaining 25 questions are pre-test questions that do not count in the final mark evaluation.

Negative marks are not given for a wrong answer.

How many marks are needed to clear the PMP test?

Generally, if a candidate answers 106 questions correctly out of 175 then he/she is considered to clear the test. However, due to the growing competition these days, one must try to secure as many marks as possible by giving maximum correct answers. These marks also determine the grade of an individual which reflects on the certificate.

The five aspects of project planning are included in this test and the weights of the marks carried by each of them are as follows:

Initiation phase – thirteen percent

Planning phase – twenty-four percent

Execution Phase – thirty percent

Control & Monitoring phase – twenty-five percent

Closing phase – eight percent

Here are some important tips that you can follow to clear the PMP exams:

  • Candidates can prepare themselves for the exam by going through different sample question sets.
  • One must go through the PMP handbook to understand the policies and processes that are required to obtain a PMP certificate.
  • Go through the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) since it will make you aware of the different traditional and latest management practices that are applied in different industries.
  • PMP formal training is a must as it assists you to gauge the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.
  • Also, do not forget to check the current outline of the PMP exam before appearing in the online test.
  • After the completion of the PMP course, a candidate can appear for an online exam within 60 days. He/she can take 3 attempts to clear the exam in one year.
  • However, if the candidate fails to clear the tests in all the three attempts then he/she will have to fill the application afresh.

Sync IT Learning provides exam simulators and mock tests through which the candidates can evaluate their progress. Also, it is essential to get used to the simulated environment of exams and the exam simulators provide that effectively. Here, you get a chance to appear in numerous mock tests after the completion of PMP training.

Final Verdict

The journey does not end after clearing the PMP exams as you need to collect at least sixty PDUs (Professional Development Units) to maintain the relevance of your PMP certificate. Experienced candidates might require a couple of months to complete both training and certification. However, beginners might require much more time and therefore, it is advisable for them to opt for training from a reputed PMI.

Sync IT Learning is a reputed company that offers complete assistance to the candidates from the phase of application to the exams and even after that. Special classes are conducted on weekends to keep the candidates well-informed about the examinations and they focus on real-time exam training to make the candidates exam-ready.