Becoming a scrum master is not only good news for finding more exposure in your career. Along with your career exposure, you are also open to being hired at high package at the production hubs. There are different things that govern a scrum master and his career and one of them is the knowledge of CSM study. Process of CSM study opens up the opportunities for a candidate to start with the process that is to be followed for getting the certification.

Process of certification

CSM certification is usually covered with three levels –

  • The first of them is when you will be going through the scrum lessons. You can go through different practices and also through the videos. These video lessons will give you the essential understanding of Scrum education, the principles of the same and even the practices of it in different production processes.
  • The second level after going through the sessions is to have a one to one training from a scrum master. While you go through the training, you will be able to get a clear overview about scrum principles, actual scrum practice that goes on in the industries and many more things that will make you understand the real term scrum practice.
  • Finally, you will be appearing in the exam, where you need 24 marks in 35 to get the certification.

You can get through the entire process within 16 hours if you wish to. However, if you feel, you need more time, you can take that according to your need.

Understanding your role

After you get the certification it is time to start your work. Understand here the first thing that a scrum master is not going to be the project leader or product manager. In fact, his task is to be a servant leader, where the primary and the secondary tasks are –

  • To manage the workforce and the procedure of the work, in order to maintain the process flow
  • Check out all the process segments and ensure that the process laid out is not having any gap. As a scrum master, your primary job is to take care that the production unit never sits empty or the products that are manufactured meets the quality that is the demand of the company and the client too.
  • The third and the biggest aspect of the task include managing the agile team and making them work responsibly at all condition of production. Responsibility here is not only to remain active but to be pro-active too. This essentially means that your team will be acting n the production house to ensure that there are minimum waste and minimum wrong end products manufactured.
  • The final thing is of course for yourself, where you will be meeting the product leaders and the agile team leaders to get the idea about the production requirement and production system. This will be giving you the exposure to your next level career and hence will be the key for your career growth.

Why go for Scrum Master Certification?

  • The first thing that directs one to a career path is definitely the scope and requirement of the companies. To be very actual and factual, the scrum master is the need of the companies. The big firms have already started working with the agile teams, as that has shown the best path to reduce their time as well as product wastage. Secondly, the companies are finding a very much agile movement of the staffs and hence are ready to pay high for these specialized teams.
  • The smaller firms though have not shown the courage to apply scrum principles in their production house, but have already started to show their inclination towards the agile teamwork. Hence, they are also hiring the scrum certificate holders for stabilizing their production units.
  • Hence, from the aspect of the requirement of the professionals in the industry, you must not have any doubt, whatsoever in your mind to go for the CSM certification course, but at the same time, you will be very much eager to know the package that you are going to get, being a scrum master.
  • To be very actual, the package of a scrum master in the US is around 98,000 $ per annum, but this is the pay of the scrum masters. The package of the scrum team leaders, agile team managers, and product leaders is much more and there remains always the scope to reach that level with proper dedication at your work.

Hence, from the view of the packages, from the view of your roles in the company and also from the view of the scope of your career building in the companies, or your demand in the companies and in the production houses, there is nothing to be thought about. Hence, it is the choice of bright agile candidates throughout the world to go for the course and get the certificate.

How easy it is to get the certificate?

The final thing that you will be willing to know is the hardness of getting the certificate. To be very much honest, it is not a matter at all to get the certificate of scrum master, but there is one deciding factor in the entire thing – you will have to be very much agile and very much proactive at tour work and also at your thought. Make one thing clear that the companies hire the scrum master to assign them additional responsibilities on the production system. Hence it is not just like a production manager. Here you will have to be multidimensional in all possible ways. On one side, you will be taking care of the agile team and their working process and on the other hand, you will be taking care of the products that are produced. The products will be meeting the requirement of all. And to ensure that the quality meets the target, you will also have to go through regular meets and decide the right quality that has to be reached. For this reason, as you go for the certification, you will be facing some quizzes to qualify yourself.