There are several reasons that make PMP certification worthy of the time and effort of the project managers. Firstly, most of the high value and critical projects of a company are handed over to the projects managers who have a PMP certificate. Not only that, but companies with more number of PMP certified project managers also stand a better chance of landing bigger projects than the companies that do not possess them.

That being said, a PMP certification is also important as an additional qualification for a project manager which diversifies his/her curriculum vitae as well.

Now, let us see the reasons that make a PMP certification lucrative for project managers:

We all know that PMP certification does not come cheap. However, if we evaluate the benefits associated with it, we might definitely think of it as one of the most lucrative credentials for a project manager.

Value adding credential

A PMP certification adds immense value to the resume of a project manager. An HR manager or any other person who is responsible for conducting an interview for the post of Project Manager will surely understand it. Project management professionals with PMP certificate stand a better chance of landing a high-paying job in an MNC due to the same reason.

Widely recognized

PMP certification is a widely recognized credential and also accepted by numerous industries across the globe. The organizations think that the project managers who have a PMP certificate are more capable of completing a project within the given time limit budget.

Moreover, PMP certification is recommended for both experienced and younger project managers as a PMP certification covers the lack of experience for inexperienced project managers and improves the assessment capabilities of the experienced project managers as well.

Improves your skill set

Clearing a PMP exam is not easy and while preparing yourselves for the exam, you also get exposure to multiple soft and hard skills. It also acts as a knowledge building tool and gives you an understanding of the current practices and trends in the market.

Moreover, you also get accustomed to the newer tricks and skills that a project manager requires to shine in the industry. Also, it builds your problem-solving skills as you are required to provide apt solutions to different case studies and scenarios.

Accentuates your income

It is hard to get a noteworthy promotion or hike in a company unless you obtain higher credentials. A PMP certification not only does that but also enables you to perform better at your current job role.

A recent survey established the fact that projects managers with PMP certificate have a gross annual salary which is at least 25 percent higher than those projects managers who do not possess it. This held true for both male and female project managers who worked in different companies and locations.

Improves your chance of getting selected

There are thousands of project managers with relevant experience and expertise in the market. Therefore, if you do not have something special in your resume like PMP certification the chances of you getting selected get dramatically minimized.

It is estimated that there are around 6,00,000 PMP professionals around the world approximately which is still far less than the total number of project managers. Therefore, a PMP certificate will definitely help you stand out among the horde of applications.


These were a few reasons which make a PMP certification worthy for project managers and aspiring project management professionals. Apart from that, a PMP certification also gives you an opportunity to interact with project managers working in different parts of the world as PMIs frequently arrange formal meetings for PMP certificate holders in different cities across the world.

Therefore, getting a PMP certificate is a win-win situation for project managers despite being an expensive and hard to crack certification course.